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Do you want to advertise your products and services on our website? Here is the breakdown of our customers by type:
  Medics   35%
  Physiotherapists   30%
  Other Rehab experts   5%
  Diagnostics Centres   5%
  Medicolegal Companies/Solicitors   25%
Advertisement rates:
We currently offering discounted rates for long term commitments, please see below our advertisement rates:
              Weekly     Monthly (25% off)     Yearly (50% off)  
  Left Panel Add Box     Per Page     £20     £60     £520  
  Right Panel Large Add Box     Per Page     £40     £120     £1,040  
  Top Bar Banner     Per Page     £40     £120     £1,040  
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You may also be interested in additional services:
Distributing your printed materials to medicolegal agencies.
Printing promotional materials including brochures, business cards, mugs, key rings, wall clocks etc. and distribution to medicolegalagencies
Printed labels of 201 or more meidoclegal companies.
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Feb 02, 2011
Medicolegal Services. Medicolegal Medical Experts. Insurance
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July 18, 2009
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