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Your medical examination

Med Chambers is the medico-legal report service provider that has been requested to arrange your private medical examination.

The importance of your medical examination

Most personal injury claims are settled before they get to court, on the basis of the medical report alone. It is thus vital that you attend a medical examination so that a report can be prepared to support your personal injury compensation claim.

Med Chambers are experienced in helping you to prepare for your appointment. Your medical examination will be arranged to meet your convenience. Once arranged, we aim to ensure that you are clear about everything you need before attend your examination.

Some of your questions may be answered on the 'FAQ’s' page

If there is anything at all you are uncertain about or you do not understand, please call 0203 355 2805 and ask for Customer Services or email: medchambers@medchambers.com

Forms of Authority

It may be necessary for our expert to review your medical history in order to complete the medical report. Med Chambers or your solicitor will ask that you complete and sign a Form of Authority (FOA) for the release of these records.

Forms of Authority

The forms will be included in our initial letter to you and can also be accessed via your secure login. Once we have received your signed FOA, we can order your medical records for the expert's consideration.

The Data Protection Act

Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, your GP surgery and any hospital you may have visited as a consequence of your injury, have 40 working days to comply with our request for copies of your medical records.


  • What will the medical examination involve?
  • To help the medical expert understand how you have been impacted by your injuries you will be asked about the circumstances of your accident and the treatment you have received for your injuries; if you have had to take time off work and how your injuries have affected your day to day life; details of how you are recovering; if you have kept a diary (which you should take with you to show the expert); how you currently feel and if you continue to suffer any effects from your accident. The medical examination is for assessment only and no treatment will be given.

  • How long will the appointment take?
  • The examination time varies by the type of consultant and the nature of your injuries and can take between 15 to 60 minutes.

  • If I've seen my own doctor, do I need to see another medical expert?
  • The aim of the medical report is to provide an independent assessment to the court to support your claim for personal injury compensation (your case will most likely be settled on the basis of the medical report alone, before your case reaches court). The expert will have specialist knowledge of the type of injuries you have suffered and be experienced in providing medical evidence. The medical expert needs to be unbiased and unconnected with the person making the claim.

  • My injuries are much better now, why wasn't the medical arranged sooner?
  • One of the areas that the expert will be asked to give his or her opinion on is the long-term effect of your injuries. For this to be assessed properly, your solicitor may not obtain a medical report for up to six months (or longer) after your accident, so your recovery can be monitored and any lasting or permanent pain, disability or inability to work can be properly accounted for in the amount of compensation awarded.

    The expert preparing the medical report may have access to medical notes from your doctor and any other specialists that have treated you, such as an accident and emergency consultant in hospital. It will help if you have kept a diary of your injuries and the progress of your recovery.

  • Where will the appointment be?
  • We endeavour to arrange an appointment within a reasonable travelling distance from your home.

    Your travelling expenses to and from the medical examination may be able to be recovered by your solicitor from the party who was responsible for your injuries, if your claim is successful. You should keep all receipts for parking, train, bus or taxi fares and forward them to your solicitor.

  • Do I receive a copy of the report?
  • Your solicitor will forward you a copy of the report. You will have the opportunity to comment on the report and your solicitor may send these to the expert requesting that they be considered and answered by the expert.

  • What if I can't attend the appointment?</li>

    When you receive the appointment details, please sign the Confirmation of Attendance and send it back to us. You can also confirm attendance via email (info@medchambers.com) or via calling us on 0203 355 2805.. If you are unable to make the appointment please contact us immediately so that we can make an alternative arrangement.

    Our medical expert will be seeing you privately and a charge will therefore be made for failing to attend without giving adequate notice or cancellation at short notice of between £50 and £200. Therefore, if following your confirmation of attendance you are unable to attend please contact us immediately.

  • Identification
  • It is always advisable to take with you some form of photographic identification like a driving license, passport or ID card if you have one.

    Should you have any questions or concerns about your medical examination Please call us on 0203 355 2805

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