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Do you want to advertise your products and services on our website? Here is the breakdown of our customers by type:

Medics 35%
Physiotherapists 30%
Other Rehab experts 5%
Diagnostics Centres 5%
Medicolegal Companies/Solicitors 25%

Advertisement rates:

We currently offering discounted rates for long term commitments, please see below our advertisement rates:

    Weekly Monthly (25% off) Yearly (50% off)
Left Panel Add Box Per Page £20 £60 £520
Right Panel Large Add Box Per Page £40 £120 £1,040
Top Bar Banner Per Page £40 £120 £1,040

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More Services?

You may also be interested in additional services:

  • Distributing your printed materials to medicolegal agencies.
  • Printing promotional materials including brochures, business cards, mugs, key rings, wall clocks etc. and distribution to medicolegalagencies
  • Printed labels of 201 or more meidoclegal companies.

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