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Medical Reports for Insurance Companies

We have special discounts for Insurance companies and defendant lawyers. Please contact us details or instruct us directly.

Our Methodology:

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Once contacted, we will provide access to our case management system.
  • We will assign a case handler to you.
  • You can either search and nominated/instruct the experts yourself or you can call or email your case manager to request nominations or to send instructions.
  • Your instruction/nomination request will be instantly acknowledged if created directly in our system online or our case handler will do this for you within few minutes.
  • You can search from thousands of available appointments every month and book the appointment at a convenient location, date and time for your client.
  • If our case handler is processing your instruction, he will do this for your after speaking to the client and checking with them their availability.
  • In both cases, appointment letter is emailed to the instructing party automatically as part of appointment scheduling process. The client will receive a system generated text message containing appointment date and time and venue details. Appointment letter will be sent by post to the client in the same day post.
  • You can view appointment details and download appointment letters, cancel and reschedule appointments and can see if client has attended the appointment. Once report is available, it will appear in your control panel and it will arrive in your email along with the invoice.
  • You can request amendments or add comments on the reports while in your control panel.
  • Reports and invoices will be available for the cases for you to view and download anytime in the day or night.

Services for your clients:

Med Chambers offers following services for your clients:

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